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July 26 2017

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solo one direction & second singles

Don’t follow past thoughts, don’t anticipate the future, and don’t follow illusory thoughts that arise in the present, but turning within, observe your own true nature and maintain awareness of your natural mind, just as it is.
— Garab Dorje
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July 03 2017

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In… credible…

damn she got a big head


very strange how u can talk to someone everyday and still miss them

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by: Daniel Ernst


I think it’s really cruel to continue to hang around/ interact with people that have severely hurt your friends. im not talking about petty arguments but it really says something if your disregard the pain someone has caused a person close to you all for the sake of socializing and your image.

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Tocando el Cielo by Courtney Meier


I can’t stand when I’m in the middle of a really captivating dream and I wake up just enough to stall the storyline. Then I have to consciously come up with a logical ending that does not satisfy any of my need for resolution.

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Philadelphus (Mock-Orange)


when u search for a very specific question in google and it shows the exact thing you’re looking for


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rule #1

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