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October 23 2017


If one person is born in Colorado, for example, at 11:00 P.M., and another is born in Ohio at 1:00 A.M, they were born at the same time but on different days.


Remember that time Harry ignored the cameramen standing directly in front of him for the entirety of the song while he sang to Louis on a live national awards show? 

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BMW X6M photographed by Mr. Goodlife - Edit by Wormatronic

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“my dad just came in and gave me this egg and said his highschool was getting rid of it and asked if i wanted it????”

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This is his Jokers first day on the job, and he’s being such a good boy.

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niallhoran via instagram story 10/22/17

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Man Builds Custom-Made Monopoly Board to Propose to His Girlfriend

That man has a lot of guts, assuming anyone will still love him halfway through a game of Monopoly.

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nothing is real anymore

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I’m smelling autumn…

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2785 ]  p h o t o m a r c  [ © 2017

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If we want to solve the gender equality issues, then we need to start with the pants. Women deserve pockets just as much as anyone else.

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rainy forest walk

by Denny Bitte

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My babies are 1 today! Not so keen on the party hat idea though… (Source: http://ift.tt/2gYmdhd)

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Have fun at school!

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